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How to install Office

Office Professional Plus 2019 Install and Activate by Phone:

General / Important in advance:

Technical knowledge is required to perform an installation, this product is supplied without support from Microsoft. If you are unable to do this yourself, it is advisable to ask family or acquaintances with experience to carry out the installation.

A local company can also help you with this. With this manual we try to guide everyone through the installation, this manual has been prepared as much as possible for the most common situations. It may be that your situation differs from what has been described. If so, let us know! This product is for 1 system and is not transferable to another system.

Backup your data

If you use Outlook, the settings are usually taken over from an earlier version after installation. It may happen that this does not go well for you or does not happen at all (especially with POP3 accounts). To be on the safe side, you can back up your

Outlook accounts, for more information, see the following link: Back up Outlook

After installing the new package, you can import your data again, see the following link: Import backup in Outlook

If the above does not work for you, you can always reset your e-mail addresses, consult your internet / mail provider. Files that you have created in Word or Excel, for example, will be retained after removing an Office package.

Remove previous version (s) of Office

Before starting the new installation, it is important that all current versions of Office have been removed. This also includes test versions or temporary installations (for example, a test version of Office 365). Microsoft has a program available for this that removes all previous versions from your computer. Your files will remain on your computer. You can download it via the following link: Download the Office removal program

You can also download this via Microsoft (see option 2) via the following link (page will open in a new window): Microsoft: Remove Office from a PC

Once you have downloaded the file you can run it. When the program has been executed, follow the instructions given. Afterwards it is best to restart the computer. After your computer has started, run the program again to remove as much remnants of the old software as possible. If you receive notifications that it was not entirely successful, you can ignore them. After this you can restart the computer again and you are ready to perform the new installation.

Install and activate Office Professional Plus 2019 by phone
Step A: Download the software

Click the link below to download the software and proceed to step B.
Make sure again that all old Office installations have been removed before installing the new software.

Select your language and download the file:

Bulgarian version of Office 2019 Pro Plus (Windows)
Croatian version of Office 2019 Pro Plus (Windows)
Czech version of Office 2019 Pro Plus (Windows)
Danish version of Office 2019 Pro Plus (Windows)
Dutch version of Office 2019 Pro Plus (Windows)
English version of Office 2019 Pro Plus (Windows)
Estonian version of Office 2019 Pro Plus (Windows)
Finnish version of Office 2019 Pro Plus (Windows)
French version of Office 2019 Pro Plus (Windows)
German version of Office 2019 Pro Plus (Windows)
Greece version of Office 2019 Pro Plus (Windows)
Hungarian version of Office 2019 Pro Plus (Windows)
Italian version of Office 2019 Pro Plus (Windows)
Latvian version of Office 2019 Pro Plus (Windows)
Lithuanian version of Office 2019 Pro Plus (Windows)
Polish version of Office 2019 Pro Plus (Windows)
Portuguese version of Office 2019 Pro Plus (Windows)
Romanian version of Office 2019 Pro Plus (Windows)
Slovak version of Office 2019 Pro Plus (Windows)
Spanish version of Office 2019 Pro Plus (Windows)
Swedish version of Office 2019 Pro Plus (Windows)

Step B: Software activation

Get the downloaded file. Start the installation process by double clicking on it. After opening the setup file, office 2019 professional plus will be installed automatically, you don’t have to do anything yourself.

install MS Office 2019
When the installation is complete you will see the following screen:

installing ms office 2019
Then click on “Close”.

You are almost there! You have installed everything and are ready to activate your software. Do this by opening any Office application, such as Word. Here you have the option to enter the product key code.

enter your MS Office productcode
Enter the product key and proceed to step C.

Step C: Activate by phone

If you have chosen an MS Office license key that must be activated by telephone, you will see the following message on your screen:

phone activation office 2019

Step 1
– In the screen below, click on: I want to activate the software by telephone

 office 2019 phone activation

Step 2
– Now select from the pull-down menu: Your Country

select your country

Step 3
You will now see an installation ID that you can use to activate the product.
installation ID MS Office
Step 4
To activate your MS Office license code, go to the Microsoft website via this link. On the website, you can enter the installation ID that appears on the screen, as shown above:
install and activate office 2019
Step 5
Depending on the number of numbers of the installation ID choose 6 or 7 digits, after which you enter the installation ID on the following screen:
activate ms office 2019 by telephone
Step 6
You now go to the last step, where you indicate on how many computers you have activated the software. Always enter 0 here, the software can only be activated on 1 computer.

Step 7
You will now receive a code from Microsoft that you can enter in the Office program you have opened.
activate ms office 2019 pro plus

Click on Next and the product is now activated and you can start using all Office programs.


It is of course always possible that unexpected problems arise during the installation of your Office package. For example, does the activation fail? Then there is a chance that the Activation Wizard will open. In that case, go through the steps to complete activation.

Also check out Microsoft’s Help pages:

The installation and activation explained by Microsoft itself
Problems installing Office
Problems with activate Office

Are you still not sure after reading the tips and tricks above? Then you can always contact us. But you are also entitled to support from Microsoft itself. They can often help you faster and better with all your questions. Click the link below to contact Microsoft:

Microsoft support