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We probably don’t have to tell you that you need to secure your computer, tablet and mobile. Every day, new threats emerge that only the very best security programs can resist. A virus on your computer can make your computer completely unusable, so good protection is extremely important. Chances are that you already use an antivirus program so that you are protected against viruses and other harmful external influences.

That seems perfectly fine, but it could be better. An antivirus program protects you against the most famous viruses, which is of course always good. But an antivirus alone will not protect you against spam and dangerous emails. Such a basic program also lacks extra useful functionalities such as cloud backup, secure internet banking and a Safe Kids option that ensures that your (grand) children can access the internet safely on your computer, mobile or tablet. And, you might not have expected this to be important: a password manager. It should not be missing on your computer. It is very important not to use the same password everywhere. This is only possible with a password manager. This allows you to use a different password everywhere, so you are better protected if a website is hacked.